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Cryogenic Engineer

Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS), an MIT spinout pursuing the fastest, surest way to clean, limitless fusion energy, is looking for an engineer broadly skilled in designing, building, and operating cryogenic systems.

CFS’ mission is to enable world-wide clean energy for everyone, creating a sustainable environment for current and future generations. We’ve created a credible path to an operating fusion power plant in 15 years which leverages our novel collaboration with MIT and funding from strategic and financial investors who share our vision. This begins by developing a new class of high-field superconducting magnets that will enable the SPARC tokamak to demonstrate net energy from fusion for the first time. To execute this plan, we are now looking to add talented people to the team who:

  • are mission-driven and treat people well;
  • improve our team by adding diverse perspectives & new ways of solving problems;
  • have demonstrated exceptional results through a range of different pursuits; and
  • have skillsets and experience that relate to the following role:

Cryogenic Engineer

Cryogenic cooling is a crucial component of any superconducting magnet systems. The Cryogenic Engineer will:

  • work within a multi-disciplinary team of physicists and engineers as part of collaborative sponsored research projects at the MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center (PSFC);
  • contribute to cryogenic engineering work on research magnets at the PSFC;
  • lead cryogenic engineering, design, and operation of production magnets at CFS; and
  • produce world-class superconducting magnet systems.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • designed, built, and operated a variety of cryogenic systems (cryocoolers, compressors, liquefiers, heat exchangers, pumps) from liquid helium (4 K) through liquid nitrogen (77 K), including force-flow, bath, and conduction cooling;
  • worked with superconducting magnets, although those with cryogenic experience in other areas will also be considered (e.g., aerospace propulsion);
  • knowledge of ASME Pressure Vessel and Piping Codes;
  • at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant engineering field, preferably with an experimental cryogenic-related thesis topic;
  • skill in modern computational design and engineering tools;
  • taken projects from conceptual design to completion;
  • a commitment to safety and quality;
  • the skill to clearly express and critique ideas;
  • a value for elegance and simplicity over complexity;
  • a drive towards commercially-viable solutions; and
  • the desire to work in a fast-paced, startup R&D environment.

If you share our mission and believe you are a good fit for this position, please send a cover letter and resume to