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Technical Intern

Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS), an MIT spinout pursuing the fastest, surest way to clean, limitless fusion energy, is looking for technical interns for a variety of projects. Interns at CFS will be able to contribute to the design, analysis, and physics-based research of fusion power plants and the manufacturing and testing of high-field superconducting magnets. Interns will work alongside industry experts at both CFS and the MIT Plasma Science & Fusion Center to solve engaging technical challenges on our path to provide clean energy for the world.

CFS’ mission is to enable world-wide clean energy for everyone, creating a sustainable environment for current and future generations. We’ve created a credible path to an operating fusion power plant in 15 years which leverages our novel collaboration with MIT and funding from strategic and financial investors who share our vision. This begins by developing a new class of high-field superconducting magnets that will enable the SPARC tokamak to demonstrate net energy from fusion for the first time. To execute this plan, we are now looking for talented technical interns to join our team.

Program Details

  • 12-16 week internship program
  • 40-50 hours per week with set hourly salary based on year in school
  • Internship is located in Cambridge, MA. Interns are responsible for their own transportation and housing
  • Opportunities available for college students in all levels of schooling from bachelor’s degree to PhD
  • Interns must be authorized to work in the United States for any employer


Technical Intern Role Description

Specific project assignments and required technical skillset will vary based on the team’s existing need. Example projects for CFS technical interns include:

  • Develop and qualify manufacturing techniques, processes, flow maps, and work instructions for superconducting magnet components and assemblies
  • Work with design and equipment engineers to develop custom automation equipment
  • Multiscale structural computational modeling of high-field superconducting magnets
  • Develop electromagnetic optimization framework for sizing and placement of magnetic coils
  • Characterization and testing of high temperature superconducting material to support magnet engineering projects

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Enrollment in or recent graduation from engineering or science programs at an accredited university or college is required
  • Proficiency in at least 1 of the following areas: CAD design, finite element analysis, multiphysics simulation, multiscale structural computational modeling, programming (MATLAB, Python, COMSOL, or Fortran), hardware fabrication, instrumentation, superconductors, or cryogenics
  • Hands-on experience through academic research, engineering project teams, machine shops, hackathons, or industry internships
  • Demonstration of exceptional results through a range of different pursuits
  • High self-motivation and drive to execute quickly with excellent troubleshooting/problem-solving skills

If you share our mission and believe you are a good fit for this position, please send a cover letter and resume to If your skill sets are a good fit for our current project needs, you will be contacted by a CFS employee to schedule an interview.