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The surest path to limitless, clean, fusion energy


The fastest path to commercial fusion energy combining proven science with revolutionary magnet technology.


One glass of water will provide enough fusion fuel for one person's lifetime.


A new source of clean energy to meet our growing energy demands and combat climate change.

Proven physics meets revolutionary magnet technology

Decades of worldwide, government-sponsored research in fusion science have established the tokamak-based configuration as the leading approach to confining fusion-grade plasmas with strong magnetic fields. Yet, in the past, even state-of-the art superconducting magnet technology required tokamaks to be enormous to produce net fusion energy. Recently, a new high temperature superconductor has reached industrial maturity. CFS is using these high temperature superconductors to build smaller and lower-cost tokamak fusion systems. CFS will build first-of-its-kind high temperature superconducting magnets, followed by the world’s first net energy-producing fusion machine, called SPARC. SPARC will pave the way for the first commercially viable fusion power plant, called ARC. CFS has assembled a world-class team working to design and build fusion machines that will provide limitless, clean, fusion energy to combat climate change.

Founded on values that guide our mission-driven team

It’s incredibly humbling working with this talented and mission-driven team focused on combating climate change and improving lives through access to clean, abundant energy.

Brandon Sorbom
Chief Science Officer

  • Execution

    Get things done. Refuse to stagnate. Deliver with speed.

  • Self-critique

    Combining a data-driven approach with open dialogue to root out the best ideas.

  • Integrity

    Committed to scientific integrity and treating people well.

  • Impact

    Driven to develop an economically viable, clean energy source in time to combat climate change.