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CFS Wins Four New INFUSE Awards in Partnership with National Labs and Universities to Accelerate Fusion Energy Development

Cambridge, MA – July 12, 2022  – Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS), a startup commercializing fusion energy, announced that the U.S. Department of Energy’s Innovation Network for Fusion Energy (INFUSE) program has selected the company for four of its eighteen First Round FY 2022 awards. Each award is designed to accelerate fusion energy development through public-private research partnerships that include DOE national laboratories and universities. 

 The newly-announced CFS awards focus on four research and development partnership projects, specifically:

  • Characterization of Turbulent Transport and Confinement in ARC with STEP and CGYRO, a partnership with University of California, San Diego;
  • Machine learning assisted prediction of tungsten heavy alloy plasma facing component performance for fusion energy applications, a partnership with MIT;
  • Assessing ELM mitigation by pellet triggering in SPARC low-collisionality discharges, a partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory; and
  • Agile design workflow for plasma-facing fusion components with coupled thermofluidic and structural optimization, a partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

 SPARC is being designed and built by CFS in collaboration with MIT’s Plasma Science and Fusion Center as the world’s first net-energy fusion device.

 CFS has previously been awarded eleven INFUSE awards in partnership with multiple US National Labs.


About CFS - Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) has the fastest, lowest cost path to commercial fusion energy. CFS is collaborating with MIT to leverage decades of research combined with new groundbreaking high-temperature superconducting (HTS) magnet technology. HTS magnets will enable compact fusion power plants that can be constructed faster and at lower cost. The mission is to deploy fusion power plants to meet global decarbonization goals as fast as possible. CFS has assembled a team of leaders in tough tech, fusion science, and manufacturing with a track record of rapid execution. Supported by the world’s leading investors, CFS is uniquely positioned to deliver limitless, clean, fusion power to combat climate change.